A closer look at the gameplay that led FC Bayern München to the eFootball.Pro Cup championship title

Relive the excitement brought to the eFootball.Pro Cup by FC Bayern München’s JOSE, MESTRE, and Alex Alguacil

Collaborative gameplay and impressive PES skills displayed by all three FC Bayern München representatives led to various awards won throughout the eFootball.Pro Cup, as well as the championship title. Team captain, JOSE, helped establish the German club’s position in the Cup by earning both the Most Valuable Player award, as well as the best goal award of Day 1 for Group A in the Group Stage. He also received recognition for the best goal of the second day in Group A, earning €30,000 over the two days. Alex Alguacil and MESTRE continued with the award winning streak in the Knockout Stage with a MVP award for Alguacil, and MESTRE’s best goal earning the fifth and final award for the FC Bayern München. 

Day 1 of the Group Stage started off on a high note for FC Bayern München, with an impressive two hat tricks achieved by MESTRE and JOSE, making up the six total goals scored by the German team in their shutout win against FC Schalke 04. The first goal was made in minute 11’ by MESTRE, and the scoring concluded with the sixth and final goal was made in minute 75’ by JOSE. This first game for the German club also ended up being the highest scoring game of the entire Cup. The second game of the day also included a shutout win, with the only goal of the matchup with FC Barcelona made by Alex Alguacil in minute 33’, resulting in each FC Bayern München player contributing to the seven total goals scored throughout the first day of the Group Stage. 

While the second day of the Group Stage didn’t result in shutout victories like the first, FC Bayern München still experienced enough success to advance themselves to the Knockout Stage of the eFootball.Pro Cup. The first game was a matchup with AS Monaco, who they were closely ranked behind at second place in the eFootball.Pro Regular Season, with only a single point separating the two teams in the league table. The teams’ elite skills were displayed through their competitive gameplay in the Cup, with both teams defending their goals successfully and ultimately not conceding a single shot, resulting in a 0-0 draw. The second game, against FC Nantes, ended up being the competition to conclude the German team’s undefeated streak. MESTRE initially put the club ahead with the opening goal in minute 17’, however the French team managed to equalize the score twice, then score a final goal in minute 89’ to take the lead and defeat FC Bayern München. 

After advancing to the Knockout Stage, they were set to face Juventus to compete for a qualifying spot in the Final. The first game started out in Bayern’s favor as Alex Alguacil and JOSE scored back to back goals in minutes 14’ and 32’. The lead didn’t last for the rest of the game, however, with ETTORITO97 putting Juventus on the board in minute 71’, then MESTRE unintentionally equalizing the score for the Italian club with an own goal shortly after. LoScandalo ultimately secured the win for Juventus with his late shot in minute 83’ bringing the result to 2-3. The second game started out in FC Bayern München’s favor again, this time with a three goal lead following two successful shots by Alex Alguacil, and a third skillful penalty kick by MESTRE. ETTORITO97 and LoScandalo worked to ensure the game wouldn’t be a shutout loss by scoring back-to-back goals, and bringing the aggregate score to a draw and forcing a tie-breaker game. Knockout Stage MVP, Alex Alguacil, secured FC Bayern München’s advancement to the Final with the only goal of the third game being made in minute 19’. 

FC Bayern München faced FC Barcelona in the eFootball.Pro Cup Final, concluding the competition the way they opened it, with a shutout win. The first goal came, again, from MVP Alex Alguacil, setting the stage for a final win for the German club early in minute 6’. The unique dynamic of the matchup was noted by commentator Harry Channon as he reminded fans that Alguacil played in eFootball.Pro as a representative of FC Barcelona in the previous season, and now had the chance to score against them on behalf of his new team. The Blaugrana team had several chances to equalize the score and hold onto the possibility of winning the eFootball.Pro Cup, however none of the opportunities resulted in any goals. MESTRE scored the second and final goal for FC Bayern München, which Channon claimed: “Made it certain that they would be crowned champions.”  

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