A closer look into the most interesting statistics of the eFootball.Pro Cup

An analysis of the notable achievements made by players in the last tournament of the season, including goals, assists, and more

Most goals

In addition to being awarded MVP of the first day of the eFootball.Pro Cup Group Stage in Group B, JuventusETTORITO97 also achieved the highest number of goals scored throughout the entire competition. Five of his impressive seven successful shots were made in the Day 1 of the Group Stage, making up over half of the Italian club’s total for the entire day. He led by one goal over Alex Alguacil and MESTRE, who each played an additional game in the Cup when they participated in the Final, where they eventually emerged victorious. ETTORITO97 also placed within the top five amount of CO-OP points in all three stages of the Cup, including ranking first in Day 1 with 4,325 points. 

Most assists

FC Bayern München representative and eFootball.Pro Cup champion, MESTRE, achieved an noteable ten assists throughout the competition, with the next highest amount being six by Ildistruttore. They were made equally, with five in the Group Stage, and five in the Knockout Stage of the Cup. Beyond his skillful assisting displayed throughout the matches, he also managed to earn the award for best goal of the entire Knockout Stage. 

Quickest goal

Following a shutout win of 5-0 against Boavista FC, LoScandalo brought the Italian club ahead quickly in the second game of the day by scoring the opening goal in minute 6’ of the game. Fellow Juventus teammate, Ildistruttore, took a shot on goal that was quickly deflected by Christopher, however LoScandalo managed to regain possession almost immediately, and take a follow up shot that landed perfectly in Arsenal FC’s goal. This was the first of five shots that Juventus would make, leading to another shutout game for the Italian team. 

Latest goal

HenrykinhO achieved a hat trick in FC Barcelona’s first matchup of the day against FC Nantes, with the latest goal of the eFootball.Pro Cup in minute 90+4’. He gained control of the ball right outside of the center circle on his opponents’ side, and managed to outrun Nantes’ defense all the way until his undefended shot on the French goal. This shot brought the final result to 4-1 in favor of the Blaugrana squad, and officially ended the French team’s chance of advancing to the Knockout Stage for a chance of competing for the championship title.

Most awards

FC Bayern München’s captain, JOSE, contributed largely to the German team’s victory in the eFootball.Pro Cup with the three awards he earned throughout the competition, totaling in €30,000 of prize money for the Spanish player. Through his impressive gameplay, he earned recognition as Most Valuable Player of Group Stage Day 1 in Group A, as well as best goal awards for the first and second day of the Group Stage. He was a constant name in the top five CO-OP point rankings throughout the entire Cup, even occupying the top position at the conclusion of Day 1 with 3,478 points. 

Most goals in a single match

Foreshadowing their impressive performance for the rest of the eFootball.Pro Cup, FC Bayern München started off strong by scoring six goals in a shutout game against FC Schalke 04. This was the highest number of goals scored by any team throughout the Cup, and gave Bayern the momentum they needed to advance all the way to the Final and emerge champions. The six goals were split evenly between MESTRE and JOSE, who each achieved a hat trick in this first game. The first was scored in the first ten minutes of the game, and the last in minute 74’, showing that the FC Bayern München will continue to take shots on goal regardless of how many goals ahead they are of their competition. 

Hat tricks

Throughout the course of the eFootball.Pro Cup, an impressive seven hat tricks were achieved by eFootball.Pro players. Four were scored in the first day of the Group Stage, first by ASM Usmakabyle in the very first game of the Cup, being the only three goals of the game against AS Monaco’s opponent, FC Nantes. MESTRE and JOSE of FC Bayern München quickly added to the extraordinary display of skill by each achieving one themselves in the second game, where they faced fellow German competitors, FC Schalke 04. The final hat trick of the day was completed by ETTORITO97, scoring the final three goals of the overall 5-0 result between Juventus and Boavista FC. 

The second day saw the other three hat tricks of the Cup, beginning with ASM Lotfi’s three goals that contributed to AS Monaco’s shutout win of 4-0 against FC Schalke 04. HenrykinhO kept FC Barcelona in the running for qualifying for the Knockout Stage by achieving a hat trick in the first game of the second day, including scoring the first and last goals of the 4-1 game against FC Nantes. The player to achieve the feat was KAMS, in Manchester United FC’s first performance of the second day, that ended with the English squad solidifying their spot in the Knockout Stage. Throughout the five matchdays that made up the 2019-2020 eFootball.Pro Regular Season, only two players were able to reach a hat trick. The notable seven that were made in the Cup could be an indicator of the elevated gameplay fans can expect from eFootball.Pro competitors in the upcoming season. 

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