Regular League's lead changes with one match to go

Arsenal FC snatch top spot from FC Barcelona in head-to-head clash and FC Inter are knocked out of the competition


The penultimate round of the Regular League left some top level matches with very relevant results for the future of the league. At the top of the table, Arsenal FC took the lead from FC Barcelona in the match played between them. FC Bayern regained third place with seven points against AC Milan, who are seven points away from fifth-placed AS Roma and four points behind AS Monaco in the KO Stage qualification places. For their part, FC Inter will say goodbye to the competition next matchday as they are mathematically eliminated after taking just one point against AS Roma.

In the awards section, Lotfi’s goal against FC Inter’s MeroMen in the last matchday 5 was voted the Goal of the Day award for that day, with a prize of €5,000.


Matchday 6 opened with a reunion of ex-teammates and French compatriots. The entire Manchester United’s squad have played at least once for AS Monaco, while Kams10_ had to face his former club after 3 consecutive seasons with the Red Devils. United were looking to take advantage of the meeting between the top two at that moment, FC Barcelona and Arsenal FC, and set foot in the first positions after being promoted to third place due to FC Bayern's loss of points with the sanction imposed by KONAMI in Matchday 5. On the opposite side, this match was crucial for the French Ligue 1 side's chances of qualification, as they were surviving in fifth place just one point above the elimination cut-off set by AC Milan. 

GAME 1:  Kilzyou  0  -  4  Usmakabyle

The first match of the sixth round was to be a clash of titans. The talented Kilzyou faced his former teammate and ex-captain at AS Monaco, Usmakabyle. Third top scorer against the second on the list. Apprentice against master in a clash that already took place last year in the first game of the 2022 season with a 3-2 victory for Kilzyou, at Celtic FC by then.

The match started with a blistering Usmakabyle who in just 37 minutes had already scored a hat trick. Kilzyou tried his best to recover, but the multichampion AS Monaco winner was not deterred and withstood the United player's timid attacks. In the 67th minute Usmakabyle extended the lead to 4-0 and sealed the game. A heavy defeat for a Kilzyou that in the previous matchday scored the biggest scoreline so far in the championship (7-1) but today received a 4-0 thrashing from Usmakabyle, who ended up in the second position of the Top Scorer’s chart tied with Top 1 Ettorito97 at 18 goals.

GAME 2:  Nekza  2  -  1  Kams10_

Emotional reunion of Kams10_ with his former club for the last three years. The French player was looking for another 6 points to get them closer to the top four, but he had not had a good record, having won only one game and drawn 2, while Nekza had 3 wins, 1 draw and only 1 defeat. Both players have swapped clubs from last season, but they didn't play against each other, so this was the first time they officially met. 

The match started off extremely tight and with chances for both players. The deadlock was broken in the 30th minute when Kams10_ scored the first goal of the game with Boadu. However, Nekza continued to row against the tide and in the 58th minute his persistence paid off when Martial equalised. Nekza's presence in the game grew, looking for a comeback as Kams10_ gradually conceded, until finally the decisive winning goal for the Manchester side came in the 90th minute, again through Martial. Tough defeat for Kams10_ who once again let himself come back in the last minutes and also important victory for the team in red, who remain in the fight to reach the Top 2. 

GAME 3:  Lotfi  2  -  2  Zilo

The previous matchday's Goal of the Day winner was up against young Zilo, who joined Monaco on matchday 4 and had yet to taste victory. Both needed the three points at stake to avoid falling behind in their respective races: Manchester United for direct qualification to the semi-finals and AS Monaco for qualification to the quarter-finals.

The match started with both players in a very even position. Lotfi was looking to make amends for his last minute equaliser last time out, while Zilo showed he was ready to take on the veteran players such as Ettorito97 (whom he had on the ropes last game) and now Lotfi. In the 15th minute, Lotfi took the lead with a goal from Martial which was answered in the 66th minute by another from Boadu for the Monegasques. Just 10 minutes later Manchester United were awarded a penalty which Lotfi converted for Rashford. It looked as if the result might end that way, but in the 89th minute, after a messy move in the box, the ball tragically found its way into the United goal. Once again Lotfi let himself be equalised in the closing stages of the game and could still have gone on to lose if not for a superb save from De Gea in stoppage time. A share of the points for both teams and Manchester United ended the sixth matchday in fourth position, while AS Monaco had to settle for a dangerous sixth position, four points behind their pursuers AC Milan, already in the elimination zone.

(+1) FC INTER - AS ROMA (+7)

Last Italian derby of the season with both teams consuming their last KO Stage qualification chances. The Nerazzurri arrived at this match in a very difficult situation since they were last placed with only 6 points, very far away from the 15 points that a seventh-placed AC Milan had at the beginning of the matchday. To remain alive after today’s games, they had to practically get a clean sweep against AS Roma, at that moment in sixth place with 16 points. But the Giallorossi were looking to take advantage of the possible virtual loss of points by AS Monaco and AC Milan (who played Manchester United and FC Bayern, respectively) and secure their position within the top 6 ahead of the last league matchday.

GAME 1: ArdaGolaaazooo  0  -  1  ASR STIFFLER

FC Inter's Turkish youngster had only one win so far and was up against the Italian ASR_STIFFLER, who with two wins and four defeats had performed inconsistently throughout the season. However, the Italian took the lead in the 11th minute with a goal from Dybala's Epic: Big Time card. Despite ArdaGolaaazooo's attempts, the score remained 1-0 and ASR_STIFFLER got his third win this season and the first 3 points for the Romans.

GAME 2: MeroMen  2  -  5  ASR_URMA43

A match between captains in the fight for the second 3 points at stake and the start was frenetic. In just 40 minutes 5 goals were scored and it started with a give and take between the two players. The Roman captain took the lead in the 12th minute with a goal by Abraham which was answered by MeroMen just 7 minutes later thanks to a goal with Lautaro Martinez's Epic: Big Time card. In the 21st minute ASR_URMA43 repeated with Abraham to take the lead for the second time in the match and in the 37th minute he scored a hat-trick with Abraham. Before the break, the Romanian player scored a fourth goal from a corner to sink a dejected MeroMen. 

In the second half, there were hardly any dangerous approaches to the opponent's area. MeroMen pulled one back in the 81st minute through Lukaku, but it was to no avail as just 4 minutes later Abraham scored again to make it 2-5. It was a heavy defeat for the Nerazzurri captain and FC Inter said goodbye to the competition, with no mathematical chance of qualifying. For AS Roma, it was a second three points for the Giallorossi, who thus put some distance between themselves and the elimination zone.

GAME 3: EL_Matador  0 - 0  ASR_Gagliardo28

Last game of the Italian derby and ASR_Gagliardo28 was looking for the win to complete a full house for his team. EL_Matador would at least try to keep the Nerazzurri honour by getting the first win of the season, but it was not to be. The match went without great moments, although both players fought well on their respective pitches. However, neither player would concede a goal and the match ended 0-0. Seven points for AS Roma who climbed to 5th place with 23 points, while FC Inter, unfortunately, were eliminated from the competition with one match still to play.


Last matchday, both teams were affected by the sanction imposed by KONAMI after breaking the rule that prohibits exceeding 2430 Team Collective Strength points at any time. This meant that the games played by ACM Sasinho and FCB_Jose were considered 0-3 losses despite the victory of both players, resulting in a 3 point reduction in the standings. As a result, FC Bayern dropped to fourth place in the table, tied on 23 points with Manchester United, who overtake them on goal difference. Meanwhile, the Rossoneri keep chained to the dangerous seventh position with 15 points, in the elimination zone, as AS Roma were awarded 3 more points due to KONAMI's refereeing decision. 

FC Bayern were looking to make amends for the refereeing decision and climb back to the top of the table, while AC Milan were aiming to pick up as many points as possible by bringing in the recently crowned Coppa eFootball Italia champion with AC Milan FRANKINO to their ranks, who replaced ACM Kirito.

GAME 1:  ACM Sasinho  0  -  2  FCB_Jose

Both players had been sanctioned in their respective previous matches, so they would try to make amends for KONAMI's decision and bring three points back to their respective clubs. Two very different styles of play faced each other. From an ACM Sasinho with an agile and fast game, who likes to elaborate and combine with a multitude of passes, to a FCB_Jose very tough in defence but also very efficient in attack. 

The game started very evenly matched. The ball lasted very little time in the boots of both players, as if both were testing their opponents before launching real attacks. With this hesitant and muddled play the game went close to half-time and it was then, in first-half stoppage time, that FCB_Jose fired a tremendous left-footed shot from Gnabry straight into the AC Milan's net. In the second half, just after coming back from the break, the Bavarian captain widened the gap in the 49th minute again with Gnabry, making the comeback very difficult for the Italian player, who finally could not reverse the result. FCB_Jose thus secured the first win for the Germans while AC Milan missed an opportunity to get out of the relegation zone.

GAME 2:  FRANKINO  1  -  1  FCB_Mestre

The recently proclaimed MVP and Coppa eFootball Italia champion made his debut in the competition against an in-form FCB_Mestre coming off the back of a win over the always tricky Roksa22 from Arsenal FC. The young Italian took the lead with a stunning goal thanks to a shot from outside the box with Rafael Leão's Epic: Big Time card. For the rest of the match, both players kept the score level, but in the final stretch, FCB_Mestre got the equaliser with a great goal from Mané. In the end, the match ended in a draw and debutant FRANKINO at least managed to rescue a point for an AC Milan side in need of a win.

GAME 3:  ACM Naples17x  1  -  3  Mucahit21

The Rossoneri captain faced the Turkish Mucahit21, who suffered his first defeat last matchday and was looking for the 3 points to make up for it. He started strongly, as in the first 19 minutes he had already scored 2 goals and made things difficult for ACM Naples17x. However, the latter pulled one back in the 33rd minute, but hope was short-lived, as in the 35th minute Mucahit21 restored the lead with a goal from Mané.  With the score at 1-3, the game went to the break and that was the final score, as the second half was goalless and there were hardly any dangerous approaches to either end. FC Bayern thus gained 7 points which propelled them into third place with 32 points, while AC Milan sank almost irrevocably into seventh place, 4 points away from the safety net set by AS Monaco with 20 points. The next matchday will be the definitive one to determine which of the two teams will advance to the KO Stage.


This encounter was one of the most eagerly awaited matches of the season with top spot at stake. The Blaugrana, who were top of the league, looked to hold on to first place and to widen the gap to their pursuers in order to secure their spot in the semi-finals. On the flip side, the Gunners were just 1 point behind Barça and they arrived at the match with the intention of stealing top spot from them with just one more Regular League’s matchday ahead, so tensions were running high.

GAME 1:  Ettorito97  2  -  0  INDOMINATOR

Mammoth affair between two of the most in-form players of the season. Plenty of storylines and insights here. By the start of the game, Ettorito97 was the only player unbeaten to date, with a re-poker of victories. INDOMINATOR had 4 wins and 1 defeat against ASR_STIFFLER in MD1. By the time the game started, Ettorito97 was the Top scorer with 16 goals from 35 shots (Top 3), of which 29 were on target (Top 1, while INDOMINATOR was Top 3 with 26 shots on target). INDOMINATOR was the player with the most passes (914) and passes made (710), also Top 4 in goals (11) .

The Italian multichampion started strongly by scoring an early goal in the 6th minute with Lewandowski. From then on, the game became unbalanced, with back and forth play from both players, until the second goal for Barça came in the 33rd minute again from the Polish striker, making the game more difficult for the Gunner captain. INDOMINATOR tried to recover for the rest of the game, but Ettorito97 was able to annul his intentions and manage the game at will, closing the game with the 2-0 score that was established before the break and maintaining his unbeaten run. First 3 points for FC Barcelona who moved 4 points clear at the top and Ettorito97 kept the Top Scorer’s lead with 18 goals, but tied with Usmakabyle.

GAME 2:  Alex Alguacil  0  -  1  Ostrybuch

Spain's Alex Alguacil came in after a draw in his previous match against Kams10_ and was looking to extend the blaugranas' scoring tally after Ettorito97's win over INDOMINATOR. Opposite him, an Ostrybuch who had an important win against an always difficult Mucahit21 on matchday 5 would now try to recover the 3 points lost in the first game. 

The match remained goalless throughout the first half and most of the second half. With hesitant and unsure play from both players, there were no dangerous moves until Ostrybuch managed to open the scoring in the 74th minute with a header from Gabriel Jesus. From this point onwards the game opened up with Alguacil trying to catch up, but in the end the Polish Arsenal's player came up with the winner and secured another 3 points for the Gunners.

GAME 3:  The Palma  3  -  4  Roksa22

Both players were coming off the back of a loss last matchday. The blaugrana captain had just 1 win and 3 draws, while the giant Roksa22 had 4 wins to his credit so far. The outcome of the match could decide whether there would be a change of leadership in the league.

The first half of the match was a real give and take between the two players. The Serbian took the lead in the eighth minute through Martinelli and held on for much of the first half in which he also managed to score a second goal in the 23rd minute again with Martinelli. However, The Palma did not give up and in the 30th minute managed to pull one back through Pedri, but again Roksa22 made up the deficit by scoring 3-1 in the 39th minute through Gabriel Jesus before conceding again a goal from The Palma through Dembélé in the 40th minute.

On the way back from the break, after the madness of the first half, the show would not stop. The Palma took advantage of a good counter-attack in the 63rd minute to score the equalizer with Lewandowski, after which both players decided to make changes to their line-ups. But Roksa22 is a tough nut to crack and renewed the lead for the fourth time in the match in the 69th minute to hold it until the end and give his team the league lead with just one more round to go. Despite The Palma's attempts, FC Barcelona dropped to second place with 35 points, 2 behind FC Barcelona and 3 ahead of FC Bayern München.

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