FC Barcelona still unstoppable, Manchester United bounces back with a trio of victories

The blaugranas pull away from chasing Arsenal FC in the race for top spot, while AC Milan and AS Roma suffer two setbacks after losing all their games


Matchday 4 once again confirmed the unassailable leaders in the competition. FC Barcelona won all their games, two of them with big scorelines from Ettorito97 and Alex Alguacil, adding 2 points more than chasing Arsenal FC, who gained 7 points after conceding a draw in the duel between the Polish brothers Ostrybuch and Zilo. Meanwhile, in mid-table action, Manchester United managed to move into 4th position after winning all their games and taking advantage of both AC Milan and AS Roma going away empty-handed and AS Monaco dropping back to 6th position after only managing a draw. FC Inter, meanwhile, remain in last place with just 5 points, all from ArdaGolaaazooo.

In the awards section, Roksa22's goal against Nekza in the third game of the English derby against Manchester United was voted the third matchday’s Goal of the Day award, with a prize of €5,000.


AS Roma and Manchester United came into this fixture fiercely tied in the elimination cut-off between sixth and seventh place. The Italians were missing ASR_URMA43 for this matchday, who had not lost a game so far, so Manchester United had a good chance there to snatch the points.

GAME 1: ASR_STIFFLER   1  -  2  Nekza

The first match pitted two players with a similar track record, who were coming off the back of losing their previous matches. ASR_STIFFLER had only one win so far, while Nekza came with 4 points from a win and a draw. The match started very evenly with chances for both teams and the score was tied at half time at 0-0. In the second half, Nekza opened the scoring with Martial in the 47th minute. In the 60th minute ASR_STIFFLER restored parity, but last season's MVP still had to strike a blow in the 89th minute of the match again with Martial, to close the score at 2-1 in Nekza's favor.

GAME 2: ASR_Gagliardo28  1  -  3  Kilzyou

The second game of the Italian-English match brought together ASR_Gagliardo28 with no wins to his credit, against Kilzyou, who had just lost his previous match against INDOMINATOR by the minimum difference. The match started frantically with up to 4 goals in the first half. Kilzyou scored a hat-trick against the Italian in just 23 minutes, but before half-time ASR_Gagliardo28 reduced the deficit with the first own goal of the competition, after Kilzyou tried to control with Luke Shaw's chest and the ball went into the goal unintentionally. From that moment on, the match did not evolve much beyond Kilzyou's keeping the score level and few approaches from the Giallorossi to the opponent's area, making the final score 3-1.

GAME 3:  ASR_STIFFLER  0  -  1  Lotfi

With the absence of ASR_URMA43, as the tournament rules stipulated, Lotfi decided on the spot his opponent from the other two AS Roma players. The chosen one was ASR_STIFFLER, who had just lost against Nekza in the first game by the minimum difference. The French player had not had a good start to the league after only 1 draw in three games against ACM Kirito, so it was his time to start showing the talent he possesses. And so he did. After a very even first half that took the game to the break with a 0-0 draw, in the second half the Frenchman scored the only goal of the game in the 56th minute with Sabitzer. In this way, Lotfi got his first three points of the day to round off a hat-trick of wins for the Red Devils and move up to 4th place in the table, while the Giallorossi slipped to the penultimate place in the table.


A clash of two in-form teams. The reigning champions arrived in fifth place with a growing points tally, while the Gunners were looking to consolidate their 18 points and try to take over top spot in the league.

GAME 1:  Usmakabyle  2  -  3  INDOMINATOR 

The opening game of the day for both teams pitted the two captains against each other. Multi-champion Usmakabyle came in as Top Scorer with 10 goals while INDOMINATOR, with 8 goals, was in fourth place. It was the latter who took the lead in the 22nd minute with a goal from Trossard after a good move behind the Monegasque defence, but just after the centre kickoff Usmakabyle regained the tie with Boadu after a superb vertical pass from Fofana. With the score level at 1-1 at half-time, the second half provided a great showdown between these two veterans. In the 57th minute, INDOMINATOR took the lead once again when Gabriel Jesus scored a wonderful goal after receiving a back-heeled pass from Martinelli. From then on, INDOMINATOR mainly concentrated on keeping possession and keeping the ball out of Usmakabyle's control as much as possible, but Usmakabyle never gave up and in the 88th minute he took advantage of a corner to score with Diatta for a 2-2 draw. It looked like all was decided, but INDOMINATOR would have the last word, as in stoppage time he put together a great move for Trossard to score the definitive 3-2 with a quality shot at the far post. A frantic finish to see Usmakabyle suffer their first defeat of the season and INDOMINATOR take the first 3 points of the game.

GAME 2:   Zilo  3  -  3  Ostrybuch

The Goddess of fortune gave us a unique event, a clash between two brothers on the day of the professional debut of the younger of the two. Zilo came to help the Monegasques by replacing E_C_Oneill on this matchday and the young talent surprised everyone by scoring the first two goals early on, in the 12th and 21st minute. Ostrybuch was not deterred by his younger brother and made up some of the gap thanks to a goal with Gabriel Jesus in the 35th minute. In the second half, Ostrybuch's competitive experience would help him make the comeback a reality, scoring the equaliser on penalty in the 48th minute with Trossard and signing the hat-trick just 2 minutes later. However, sibling duels never end without bloodshed and Zilo grabbed a fair 3-3 draw in the 71st minute that shared the points between the two brothers.

GAME 3:  Kams10_  0  -  2  Roksa22

Kams10_ came into today's game on the back of an important and hard-fought 4-3 win over ACM Kirito last matchday, but up against him was probably the most in-form player of the moment: Roksa22, voted Third Matchday's Goal of the Day winner, who came in with a clean sheet and 9 goals to his name. The Serbian player would add two more goals to his tally with those scored in the 28th and 39th minute to set up a 0-2 scoreline that he managed to hold on to for the remaining minutes without Kams10_ being able to close the gap. With Roksa22's fourth win of the season, the Gunners secured another seven points from a possible nine to move into second place, while AS Monaco could only take home the point earned by debutant Zilo, dropping them to sixth in the table.


The leaders went into matchday four under pressure of having to take at least six points from a possible nine to at least draw level with Arsenal FC after their seven points today. Opposing them were AC Milan, who had started well but had been dropping points along the way and were still holding on to fourth place with 13 points.

GAME 1: The Palma  1   -  0  ACM Naples17x

The first game pitted an unbeaten The Palma, who had yet to record a win, against an ACM Naples17x with 2 wins to their name. So far, a goal specialist like The Palma had only managed to score 2 goals, but he would add one more in the 55th minute when he opened the scoring with Dembélé, the only goal of the game. The Palma got their first win of the season and ACM Naples17x suffered their second defeat.

GAME 2: Ettorito97  5  -  0  ACM Kirito

The Italian multi-champion was unbeaten so far, having closed their matches with consistency. Facing him was an ACM Kirito who started off with a win on the first matchday, but who had soon diluted his performances with only a draw and a loss. The 5-0 thrashing by Ettorito97 made it clear that the Italian is in a different league. In the first 45 minutes he had already scored a hat-trick and rounded it off with two more in the 50th and 79th minute. ACM Kirito was unable to stop the Culer player's unstoppable activity and suffered his second defeat of the season, while the Bari star climbed to the top of the scoring charts with 14 goals.

GAME 3: Alex Alguacil  4  -  3  ACM Sasinho

The last game between the Catalans and the Italians pitted two of the players with the most passes achieved. The blaugrana player came from two consecutive victories achieved in the last minutes of the game, making it clear that he is not a player who gives up early. On the other hand, ACM Sasinho had two consecutive defeats and wanted to make up for their previous performances. 

Alguacil started by scoring early on in the 6th minute through Dembélé and managed to increase the deficit again in the 29th minute. ACM Sasinho, however, tried to keep possession of the ball to create further chances which finally paid off with a Brahim Díaz goal in the 32nd minute to close the gap and increase the tension in the atmosphere. However, Alguacil cooled the temperature again before the break to make it 3-1 in first half extra time. Just after the break, Alguacil would extend the gap even further with another goal in the 50th minute, although ACM Sasinho would bring the tension back into the game until the end by coming close with two consecutive goals in the 75th and 80th minute. Despite the nerves that were present, Alguacil did not let the three points slip away and rounded off a memorable performance for the Blaugrana side with a trio of victories to move them solidly into first place with 28 points, three ahead of the chasing Arsenal FC. AC Milan, meanwhile, would go home empty-handed, dropping to one place to the 5th position.


Last-placed FC Inter closed the day's action against the third-placed Germans, who were beginning to regain their form with solid wins from short results.

GAME 1:  ArdaGolaaazooo  2  -  2  Mucahit21

The first game pitted the two best-performing players on their respective teams so far against each other, Turkish compatriots ArdaGolaaazooo and Mucahit21. The FC Inter youngster was so far the only points scorer on his team, while the Bavarian team's player was on a winning streak and on his way to his third. Mucahit21 took the lead with an early goal in the fifth minute of the match. In the 22nd minute, he increased the deficit after stealing the ball from the Italian defence on the edge of the box to make it 2-0 at half-time. In the second half, however, ArdaGolaaazooo managed to pull the game back to 2-2 thanks to two goals in the 61st and 74th minutes. In this fashion, Mucahit21 received his first defeat and ArdaGolaaazooo his second draw, splitting the points evenly between the compatriots.

GAME 2: MeroMen  2  -  4  FCB_Mestre

MeroMen was on a losing streak going into matchday four and it was time for the German player to show that he could deliver points for his team. On the other side of the field, Spain's FCB_Mestre had mixed results, with one win, one draw and one loss. MeroMen were the first to strike the first blow when he scored in the 13th minute through Lautaro Martinez. Just 9 minutes later, the German player would score again with Lautaro Martinez to further widen the gap on FCB_Mestre, who before the break managed to put one into the Nerazzurri net to force a 2-1 down going into the second half. That effort paid off for the Spanish player, who equalized in the 69th minute to level the score at 2-2, bringing the final quarter of the match to an intense outcome. FCB_Mestre continued to insist against a MeroMen who was increasingly withdrawn at the back and in the 88th minute the Spanish player achieved the definitive comeback with a goal from Sadio Mané that would end up closing the game just 3 minutes later with the Bavarian team's fourth.  It was MeroMen's fourth defeat in a row, the third coming from a late comeback, while FCB_Mestre gave his team its first win of the day, the second of his own.

GAME 3: EL_Matador  0  -   1  FCB_Jose

The Nerazzurri's latest addition to their ranks, EL_Matador, made his debut last matchday with a defeat against Ettorito97, but he was keen to pick up points to help his team get off the bottom. FC Bayern's FCB_Jose, on the other hand, had already secured 2 draws and 1 win, going into the match unbeaten and unbeaten would remain after securing the only goal of the game which the Spanish player scored with Mané in the 16th minute. EL_Matador kept trying to get past the Spaniard's tight defence, but the German team captain is well known for getting valuable wins with just a few goals scored. FCB_Jose thus secured the last three points of the day for FC Bayern München, taking his team to third place in the league and pushing FC Inter even further down with only five points in total.

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