FC Barcelona hold top spot, but Arsenal FC close in on them

An unstoppable Arsenal FC, who annulled Manchester United in the English derby, are just one point behind the blaugranas, who are holding on to first place with 19 points

The third matchday mainly confirmed the good form of two teams that aspire to be the main rivals to beat in the tournament, FC Barcelona and Arsenal FC, who are starting to pull away from the rest at the top with 19 and 18 points respectively. They are followed by FC Bayern München with 15 points and in the middle of the table AC Milan, AS Monaco and AS Roma. The Red Devils drop to the seventh position with nine points and FC Inter languish in last place with only four points scored.

In the awards section, Nekza's goal against ACM Sasinho in the second game of the match between Manchester United and AC Milan was voted the best goal of the day on matchday 2, with a prize of €5,000.


Matchday 3 opened with an all English derby between Arsenal FC and Manchester United. The two teams couldn't have been more evenly matched going into the game: the Gunners in fourth and the Red Devils in fifth, both tied on 10 points. The London team had Roksa22 and INDOMINATOR in the top 3 of the top scorers at the time, so it was expected to be a high-scoring game.

GAME 1: INDOMINATOR  2 -  1  Kilzyou

The first game pitted Gunner captain INDOMINATOR against Frenchman Kilzyou. The former was coming off the back of a 5-goal win over Christopher_M_M of FC Inter while Kilzyou had a narrow victory over ACM Naples17x. The match started very tight and with a palpable tension befitting a derby like this. Kilzyou struck first with a great goal from Bruno Fernandes just after the first half hour of the match. INDOMINATOR managed to equalize just 7 minutes later and with the score at 1-1 the game went to the break. In the second half, INDOMINATOR played an increasingly attacking game until he finally found the net and took the lead in the 76th minute. In the last 15 minutes Kilzyou tried to take over the game, but the Dutchman kept possession for himself in order to finish the minutes with the win and give Arsenal FC the first 3 points of the derby.

GAME 2: Ostrybuch  3 -  2  Lotfi

Poland's Ostrybuch had yet to earn a point or even score a single goal in the championship, but in this match he more than made up for his goal drought. Opposing him, a veteran Lotfi, captain of the Red Devils, had scored three goals but only one point from a 2-2 draw against ACM Kirito. The Frenchman took the lead right from the start of the game in the second minute thanks to a swift move that ended with a header from Sabitzer. From then on, Ostrybuch tried not to give up and in the 33rd minute they equalised after a direct free-kick with Ødegaard underneath the defence. The Gunners' comeback became a reality just 5 minutes later after a great play and header by Gabriel Jesus. The second half was a constant Gunner siege on the Manchester goal as Lotfi was increasingly unsettled. In the 50th minute Ostrybuch scored a hat-trick after great play down the left flank and Trossard's goal. Lotfi tried to respond by pressing through the middle and Sabitzer pulled one back in the 75th minute. In the last 15 minutes Lotfi had a good chance to equalise but missed an empty net and the three points went to the London side.

GAME 3:  Roksa22  2  -  1  Nekza

Two of the best players of the moment faced each other and the last three points of the match were at stake. Nekza, who beat ACM Sasinho by 3 goals to 1 and whose goal was voted best Goal of Matchday 2, was a tough opponent for Roksa22 who came in as the league's top scorer with 7 goals. The match started with some very dangerous runs from the Gunner side which finally paid off in the 37th minute after a beautiful team move and a splendid shot into the top corner by Trossard. With the Gunners in the lead, the game went into the break and in the second half Nekza gradually gained the upper hand until he finally managed to bring the game level in the 68th minute after a great strike with Marcus Rashford. It looked like the game might go Manchester United's way but in the 84th minute Roksa22 finished off with Gabriel Jesus from a corner to give Arsenal FC another 3 points as they emerged victorious from every game played in the English derby and finished the matchday in the second position, just 1 point behind FC Barcelona. Manchester United, on the other side, fell to the seventh position of the table. 

(+6)  AS MONACO -  AC MILAN (+3)

The reigning champions had not got off to a good start in the championship, arriving at matchday three in seventh place with only five points. Opposite them, newcomers AC Milan surprised everyone by topping the table after winning all the games in the Madonnina derby, but then suffered a major setback on matchday 2. The Rossoneri were now looking to secure more points and challenge for top spot again, but the Monegasques stole six of the nine points they were aiming for.

GAME 1: Usmakabyle  3  -  2  ACM Sasinho 

Usmakabyle was coming off a 6-1 win over ASR_STIFFLER last matchday, the only player from his team to win so far. For his part, ACM Matchday 1 Goal of the Day winner Sasinho was looking to make amends for his defeat last matchday. The match started frantically, with the Italian player proposing a quick, touch-based game in keeping with his style of football and after some chaotic play in the box he took advantage with Ibrahimovic to open the scoring in the 4th minute of the match. Just 5 minutes later, Usmakabyle scored the equaliser for Volland. In the 22nd minute ACM Sasinho produced a great move down the left flank which De Ketelaere finished with a great header after an excellent cross from Rafael Leão. With the Rossoneri 2-1 up it looked like the game might go to the break, but with the veteran Usmakabyle you can never be sure. The Frenchman levelled the game after a great finish from Ben Yedder in the 34th minute and it was 2-2 at half-time. After the break, the Frenchman turned the game around to make it 3-2 in the 50th minute. After the Monegasque lead, the Rossoneri constantly laid siege to their opponents' goal without success and Usmakabyle secured his second win of the tournament and the first three points for AS Monaco.

GAME 2: Kams10_  4  -  3  ACM Kirito

Kams10_ had only managed a 1-1 draw against ASR_Gagliardo28 while ACM Kirito had already earned 4 points thanks to a win in the first match and a draw against Lotfi in the second. The match started with clear chances for both and ACM Kirito took the lead in the 11th minute. Only 8 minutes later Kams10_ scored the equalizer but in the 28th minute the Italian player took the lead again with Ibrahimovic. In the second half Kams10_ equalized again by scoring in Panenka style the first penalty awarded to a team this season, and after continuous Monegasque attacks the French player finally took the lead in the 73rd minute. But the joy was short-lived as only 6 minutes later, after a shot against the post by Kams10_, ACM Kirito scored a wonderful goal with Rafael Leão. However, the veteran Kams10_ still had an ace up his sleeve and in the 81st minute he scored in the final minute to make it 4-3 for his first win of the season and add 3 more points for AS Monaco.

GAME 3: E_C_Oneill  0  -  4  ACM Naples17x

Both players had just lost their respective matches on matchday 2, the Manchester United player by 2-0 against ASR_URMA43, the Italian captain by the minimum against Kilzyou. The match started with a goal for the Rossoneri in the 30th minute after a great header by Ibrahimovic. With the score at 1-0, E_C_Oneill had no great chances to make amends before the break. In the second half 'il capitano' ACM Naples17x doubled the lead again with Ibrahimovic in the 55th minute. Just 4 minutes later he set up a hat-trick with Ibrahimovic and in the 66th minute he finished with the Swedish player's fourth. E_C_Oneill finished the game in a hopeless position after his third straight goalless defeat, but at least AS Monaco jumped into the fifth position of the chart. AC Milan, on the other side, managed to rescue 3 points to stay in the fight for the top places in the league, although they fell to the 4th position. 


The Giallorossi went into Matchday 3 in a strong third position, level on points with AC Milan who had taken just 3 points from the previous game, so it was the perfect opportunity for the Romans to overtake their fellow rivals in the table. FC Bayern, on the other hand, were coming off the back of a big shock after taking just 1 point from their match against FC Barcelona on matchday 2, so this was their chance to make amends and stay in the hunt for the championship.

GAME 1: ASR_URMA43  2  -  2  FCB_Jose

The Romanian had won their previous two matches convincingly while the Spanish FCB_Jose took just four points from a goalless draw and a win. The Bavarians struck early with an early goal from FCB_Jose in the 4th minute followed by a second goal just 8 minutes later. A surprised ASR_URMA43 tried to reposition himself and take control of the game. The Roman captain started to break the deadlock when he scored the first goal for the Romans with Abraham in the 34th minute, but from then on the score remained unchanged until almost the end of the match, when after attacking the Bavarian goal insistently, ASR_URMA43 equalized with Abraham in the 88th minute to level the match at 2-2. ASR_URMA43 came close to pulling one back after a gift from the rival goalkeeper which he then made amends for with a good save, so that the match finally ended 2-2 and with a share of points for each player.

GAME 2: ASR_STIFFLER  1  -  2  Mucahit21

ASR_STIFFLER conceded a comprehensive defeat to Usmakabyle last matchday so it was expected that he would be keen to prove that it was just a bad day. Against them, Mucahit21 was eager to play since he missed the second matchday, and would like to add another 3 points to the ones he already got in the first match of the tournament. It was precisely the Turk who started scoring in the 30th minute of the match thanks to a good header almost from the ground by Gnabry. After the break, AS Roma seemed to recover gradually and came closer and closer to the opponent's area until in the 66th minute ASR_STIFFLER braided a great team play to score with El Shaarawy the equaliser, but the joy was short-lived for the Italian player because only two minutes later Mucahit21 restored with K. Coman what would be the definitive result, getting his second win this season and the first for the Bavarians in the match between Romans and Germans.

GAME 3: ASR_Gagliardo28  0  -  1  FCB_Mestre

Ninguno de los dos jugadores había ganado hasta el momento un partido y ambos habían obtenido la misma cantidad de puntos: 1 punto tras 1 empate a 1. El español FCB_Mestre se adelantó en el marcador en el minuto 11 con un buen remate de Kingsley Coman en el primer palo. ASR_Gagliardo28 bregó para intentar empatar el encuentro pero el resultado se fue a la segunda mitad con el 1-0 para los bávaros. La segunda mitad fue un toma y daca constante entre ambos equipos pero finalmente el resultado no se movió y el FC Bayern se llevó los 3 puntos del game y 7 en total, subiendo al tercer puesto de la liga. El AS Roma sólo pudo obtener 1 punto de 9 posibles, dándose un buen batacazo y cayendo a la sexta plaza de la tabla. 


FC Inter were forced to score strongly if they were not to throw their season away, but in front of them were the current league leaders with 12 points, who were not about to let their lead slip.

GAME 1: MeroMen  2  -  3  Alex Alguacil

Alex Alguacil, in increasingly good form, opened the scoring in the 11th minute through Pedri, to which MeroMen responded with several dangerous unsuccessful efforts, but it was not until the second half that he scored the equaliser through Edin Džeko in the 51st minute. The Nerazurri joy was short-lived as in the 64th minute, after a messy play in the Italian box, Alex Alguacil restored the lead through Dembélé. MeroMen remained undaunted and continued to inflict danger in their opponents' box until his pressure paid off and he grabbed a hard-fought equaliser in the 86th minute through Mjitarián to level the scores at 2-2. Alex Alguacil had not said it all and a last-ditch Blaugrana push secured victory for his side in the final minute of the game. Barça had their first win of the day and MeroMen once again suffered a painful defeat by a goal in extra time, pushing FC Inter even further down the table.

GAME 2: EL_Matador  1  -  4  Ettorito97

German EL_Matador, FC Inter's new addition to replace Christopher_M_M_M, made his debut against one of the most in-form players in the tournament. Ettorito97 had won his previous two matches convincingly and was determined to secure his third victory. In the 22nd minute, the Italian took the lead with Lewandowski and continued to dominate the game throughout the first half. In the second half the game had a bit more activity and dynamism. Ettorito97 doubled the lead in the 62nd minute, but only a minute later EL_Matador restored the difference with Džeko. This did not frighten the young Italian talent, who scored his hat-trick in the 71st minute to bring the blaugranas closer to victory. The Culer's thrashing would not end there, as in stoppage time Ettorito97 signed the final 4-1 again with Lewandowski, adding another 3 points to the Catalans and regaining the league lead.

GAME 3: ArdaGolaaazooo 2  -  2  The Palma

The young Turkish talent was coming off a narrow 1-0 win over Arsenal's Ostrybuch, the only victory so far for the Nerazurri. Meanwhile, The Palma had started the tournament with a lukewarm performance, scoring zero goals so far but 2 points for his team. The final game of the day started with a superb goal from Džeko in the 21st minute to give the Nerazurri the lead. The Palma were very incisive in the following minutes, trying to get into the central area of the Italian defence with quick passing combinations. In the second half, The Palma finally scored their first goal of the season in the 70th minute, making the scoreboard as tight as possible heading into the final stretch of the game. Before extra time, both players still had one last bullet in the barrel. ArdaGolaaazooo scored to make it 2-1 in the 83rd minute, but The Palma finally equalised in the 90th minute to earn his third consecutive draw of the season. A bitter end for FC Inter who remain anchored to the bottom after only 1 point earned and joy for FC Barcelona who, thanks to the point from the Madrid-based The Palma, are now resting as leaders of the Regular League.

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