The top five goals from a goal-packed second matchday

Arsenal's INDOMINATOR repeats nomination for the Goal of the Day award,joined by his teammate Roksa22, FC Barcelona’s Alex Alguacil, AS Roma’s ASR_URMA4 and Manchester United’s Nekza

KONAMI has chosen the top 5 goals of the last matchday 2. The winner of such a coveted prize will be announced during the regular league's third matchday event, which can be followed live from the eFootball’s YouTube and Facebook official accounts. Let’s take a look at the five nominees.

Alex Alguacil 

FC Barcelona - FC Bayern München: Match 1 Game 3

Alex Alguacil faced his former team for the first time since his departure from FC Bayern. Up against him was fellow countryman and former team-mate FCB_Mestre, who kept the score tight until the 61st minute when he conceded the only goal of the game. Alguacil set up a brilliant one-two to get into the box and score from the edge of the area with Dembelé. It was a beautiful move that made it 1-0 and earned the three points for his team. 


FC Inter - Arsenal FC: Match 2 Game 3

INDOMINATOR has been nominated for the second time in a row after scoring a great goal with Gabriel Jesus during the Dutch player's 5-0 hammering against Inter's Christopher_M_M. On a Gunners' counter-attack, INDOMINATOR, already inside the box, slows down and breaks away from his opponent's defence, to then send the ball into the back of the Nerazzurri net for a fourth goal in the 60th minute. Can INDOMINATOR really win the award this time?


FC Inter - Arsenal FC: Match 2 Game 2

What a way for Roksa22 to secure victory for his team after a frantic match against FC Inter's MeroMen. The 90 minutes were a constant back-and-forth affair that led to a 3-3 draw in extra time for both players. It was then when Roksa put together a play full of quick one-touch passes to get into the box and used Gabriel Jesus to score the decisive goal in the 96th minute, an all-important goal that secured the first win of the match for the British side. 


AS Monaco - AS Roma: Match 3 Game 1

A beautiful goal scored by the AS Roma captain against E_C_Oneill in the first game of the encounter between the Monegasques and the Romans. ASR_URMA43 broke into the box down the right flank with Dybala and after a marvelous turn that left the rival defender seated, he coolly slotted the ball into the side of the Monegasque goal to make it 2-0 just before half-time. 


Manchester United - AC Milan: Match 4 Game 3

The first goal of the match between Nekza and former Goal of the Day winner ACM Sasinho was a true demonstration of skill from the Manchester United side. The French esports player weaved a beautiful move from the right to the left side of the box with a succession of up to three back-heel passes, before the ball was played to Marcus Rashford who powerfully slotted the ball into the side netting. A goal that served to open the scoring in a match that ended 3-1, giving the British side their second win of the day. 

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