FC Barcelona are the new leaders after a day full of hammerings

AC Milan lose top spot and drop to second place after earning just a point against a resurgent Manchester United

The second matchday left 4 games with at least 4 goals, some of them particularly brilliant and sure to be in the shortlist for the Goal of the Day award. FC Barcelona finished as leaders after taking 7 points against FC Bayern München. The blaugranas took the top spot from AC Milan, who dropped to second place due to their only point against Manchester United. At the bottom of the table, AS Monaco and FC Inter seem anchored to the bottom of the table and will have to keep trying to climb the table in the next few rounds.

In the awards section, ACM Sasinho's goal against MeroMen in the third match of the Madonnina derby was voted the best goal of the day on matchday 1, with a prize of €5,000.


GAME 1: Ettorito97  1 -  0  Jvictor

The first match of the day featured three giants of this game. The blaugranas came fourth with 5 points and were looking to climb to the top positions while the Bavarians, second after Matchday 1 with 7 points, were aiming to siege the table's leadership. 

The first game pitted Italian multi-champion Ettorito97 against Brazilian youngster Jvictor, who came in as a replacement for Mucahit21 for this matchday. The match started off tight and with a very rowdy game. Possession went back and forth from one player to the other without them being able to link many passes until the Italian player took the lead by scoring the only goal of the match in the 41st minute. In the second half, the 18 year old Bayern player did not give up against Ettorito97 and stood up to the Culer player by setting up a quick and vertical passing game that unfortunately did not work out for the Bavarian side. The Catalans took their first three points by the narrowest of margins, but Bayern fans can be proud of Jvictor despite the defeat. The stats make it clear, the youngster dominated, but the efficiency of veteran Ettorito97 made the difference.

GAME 2: The Palma  0 -  0  FCB_Jose

Captains' match between two Spaniards. The blaugrana was held to a goalless draw by Manchester United's Nekza on Matchday 1, while FCB_Jose had scored and won his match against Monaco's E_C_Oneill. In the second game of this first match of the day, the final result was goalless, with both teams sharing the points and The Palma picking up his second consecutive goalless draw.

GAME 3:  Alex Alguacil  1  -   0  FCB_Mestre

This match aroused a great expectation. Alex Alguacil was facing his former team after three years wearing the FC Bayern shirt. Opposing the Spaniard was his former teammate, friend and compatriot FCB_Mestre, who was coming from a draw against Usmakabyle on the first matchday. The match started with the typical tension of two ex-teammates who know each other's style of play very well. FCB_Mestre had a great double chance in the 15th minute but Ter Stegen saved spectacularly in two moments. From that point on, there were not many chances as both players remained solid in defence. In the 61st minute, Alguacil was finally able to break down the German wall with a great run from De Jong who laid the ball off for Dembelé to sidefoot the ball into the net. The goal was barely celebrated by the Blaugrana player, in a show of respect for his former team. After several unsuccessful attempts by FCB_Mestre the referee blew the final whistle and Alex Alguacil got the last 3 points of the game for his team, making it clear that he is still maintaining a high level in keeping with the competition.

(+3)  FC INTER - ARSENAL FC (+6)

GAME 1: ArdaGolaaazooo  1  -  0  Ostrybuch 

Second match of the day for two clubs who aspire to more. The Nerazzurri were eager for the points as they sought redemption for their three defeats against  AC Milan, while the Gunners were looking to continue their climb up the table. 

ArdaGolaaazooo, the Turkish youngster, was up against Poland's Ostrybuch keen to show his potential. The match was extremely tight with both players playing the game in the midfield and away from the penalty area. The match went into the second half with the score level at 0-0, but in the second half, ArdaGolaaazooo opened the scoring with a goal by Brozovic after taking advantage of the rebound from a great shot by Correa that hit the post. In the end, the score remained at 1-0 and the young Turk got the first 3 points for the Nerazzurri.

GAME 2: MeroMen  3  -  4  Roksa22

Two veterans clashed with three points at stake in a high tension match. The Nerazzurri captain started by scoring in the 10th minute with a great goal from Lautaro Martinez, but only 17 minutes later the Serbian giant equalised with Gabriel Jesus. In the second half the Gunner scored the second, but just 16 minutes later MeroMen equalised again. The atmosphere was gradually heating up heading into the final minutes and if we thought that the score would remain level, we were about to see a frantic outcome. In the 80th minute Roksa22 again established the lead and almost closed the game by scoring the fourth, but he made a mistake in a one-on-one with the goalkeeper. In the 89th minute, MeroMen made no mistake and scored the equaliser, but in stoppage time Roksa22 had the last word and the Serbian player finished beautifully to make it 4-3 for the Gunners. In this epic fashion, with a hat-trick from Gabriel Jesus in the last minute, one of the most entertaining games of the day came to an end and gave the Gunners all three points.

GAME 3: Chistopher_M_M  0  -  5  INDOMINATOR

Both players came into round two without a win in their opening matches. Christopher_M_M was defeated 2-0 in his match against ACM Naples17x, while INDOMINATOR lost narrowly to ASR_STIFFLER. This time, the Dutchman put in a memorable performance, scoring a huge scoreline against the French player. Five goals in the 15th, 28th, 58th, 60th, 60th and 90th minute helped the Gunner move up the scoring charts to second place so far. The frequency of the goals is an indication of INDOMINATOR's dominance in the match, who was not satisfied with his hat-trick and continued to look for Christopher_M_M_M's goal who had no reaction and no chance of scoring at least one goal.

(+4) AS  MONACO - AS ROMA (+4)

GAME 1: E_C_Oneill  0  -  2  ASR_URMA43

A rematch of last year's semi-final which ended in victory for AS Monaco. In the first matchday, the reigning champions took only 1 point out of a possible 9 against FC Bayern, dropping to second last in the table, while AS Roma were in third place with 6 points. 

The match ended 2-0 in favour of the Romans. ASR_URMA43 scored in the 9th and 45th minute to establish the lead and what would later be the final score, after a great dominance from the Romanian player against an E_C_Oneill who seems to be far from his best.

GAME 2: Usmakabyle  6  -  1  ASR_STIFFLER

The second game of this AS Monaco - AS Roma match produced the biggest goalscoring of the day. Usmakabyle, who was held to a 1-1 draw on matchday 1, scored 6 goals against the Italian player in a game that was clearly unbalanced towards the Monaco side. To everyone's surprise, in the 43rd minute the French player had already scored 4 goals and an incredulous ASR_STIFFLER saw how practically every attack his defence received was converted into a goal against. Right at the start of the second half, in the 47th minute, ASR_STIFFLER scored the consolation goal, but only 3 and 7 minutes later Usmakabyle scored the last two goals of the match. Three points needed for the Monegasques after the defeat in the first game and the match reached the third game with both teams level on points.

GAME 3: Kams10_  1  -  1  ASR_Gagliardo28

Last game between the Monegasques and Romans, with the encounter tied on 3 points so far. ASR_Gagliardo28 received a heavy defeat against Roksa22 on matchday 1 and was keen to make amends for that performance. They did not find it easy against Kams10_, beaten on Matchday 1, who took the lead in the 7th minute. At 1-0 the game went into the break and right at the start of the second half, ASR_Gagliardo28 got on the end of a great cross to send the ball into the back of the Monegasque goal and level the match. From then on the game became frenetic, with counter-attacks and clear chances to score, but in the end the score remained tied at 1-1, with the points being shared equally between the two clubs, 4 for each.


GAME 1: Kilzyou 1  - 0  ACM Naples17x

The last match of the day brought us a classic of European football. The Red Devils finished the first day of the season disappointed with their result against FC Barcelona in which they got only 2 draws, while the Rossoneri amazed everyone after winning all three of their matches against FC Inter in the Madonnina derby to seat at the top of the table. 

The game started very balanced y el juego se disputó principalmente en la zona central. Ninguno de los dos jugadores parecía atreverse a arriesgar demasiado y las ocasiones apenas se daban. Tras 75 minutos disputados, finalmente Kilzyou consiguió abrir la lata con un gran derechazo de Martial tras una serie de grandes pases en la frontal del área. ACM Naples17x no pudo acortar distancias en los minutos restantes y el Manchester United consiguió así sus primeros 3 puntos de la jornada. 

GAME 2: Nekza  3  -  1  ACM Sasinho

ACM Sasinho, awarded Goal of the Day on Matchday 1, had taken all three points in their previous match against MeroMen, but this time he would be facing a different opponent. Nekza, last matchday's MVP had yet to open his account by scoring, after his first match ended in a goalless draw against The Palma. It didn't take long for Nekza to score his first goal of the season when in the 22nd minute he set up Marcus Rashford for a brilliant finish and then scored the second for the Red Devils at the end of the first half.

In the second half, the game became slower and more measured with Nekza trying to consolidate the lead and ACM Naples17x failing to get close to his opponent's penalty area. In the 75th minute Nekza would score the third to seal the game, although ACM Sasinho would later score the consolation goal in the 84th minute. Three more points for the British team as the Italians headed into the third game with two defeats in the bag.

GAME 3: Lotfi  2  -  2  ACM Kirito

The last match of the day left us with a game full of chances and back and forths, ending in a share of points for each club. Lotfi, who had just come from a defeat against Ettorito97, this time managed a hard fought point against ACM Kirito who dominated most of the game, taking the lead on two occasions, but it was not enough after Lotfi's equaliser in the 58th minute. The points were shared, one each, in the last game, with the British taking a total of 7 points, while AC Milan only picked up 1 point, allowing them to finish the day in second place ahead of AS Roma.

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