AC Milan top the standings on a first matchday full of intense moments

The opening event of the eFootball™ Championship Pro 2023 was followed live by more than one million viewers worldwide on the eFootball™ YouTube channel

The competition started this Saturday with a matchday full of goals and intense moments that was conducted on stage by Semra Hunter, alongside Harry Channon and ‘Fierita’ Catalano as commentator and pundit, respectively. Excitement was in the air and all the clubs started with the intention of getting the 9 points, but it was not easy for all of them. AC Milan surprised by winning all their matches while the rest of the teams lost some points along the way. Let’s see the details of the first matchday of competition. 


(+9)  AC MILAN - FC INTER (+0)

GAME 1: ACM Naples17x  2  -  0  Christopher_M_M

The Milan derby was the first match of the 2023 season. Both clubs debuted for the first time ever and, as luck would have it, they had to face their eternal rivals in the battle for the first 9 points. The first game confronted ACM Naplex17x, current eFootball™ Championship Open champion in the XBOX platform, against the veteran FC Inter’s player Christopher_M_M. The game started very intensely and the strengths were very even during the first minutes. The scoreboard remained balanced until the break and right after the start of the second half the Milan’s captain scored the first goal with a great shot in the 49th minute. A few minutes later, ACM Naples17x scored the second goal in the 60th minute again with Ibrahimovic establishing the final 2-0 victory for the Rossoneri. 

GAME 2: ACM KIRITO  2  -  1  ArdaGolaaazooo

Second game and second victory for AC Milan. Two talented players making their debut in the competition were aiming for the next 3 points of the match. Italy's ACM Kirito was determined to secure 6 points for his team, but opposite him was Turkish youngster ArdaGolaaazooo, with all eyes on him. The match started very evenly with several chances for both teams. At half-time the score was 0-0, but Kirito soon took the lead in the 72nd minute. ArdaGolaaazooo equalized just 7 minutes later, but the Rossoneri player made the definitive 2-1 in the 87th minute.

GAME 3: ACM SASINHO  3  -  1  MeroMen

This was probably the most open game of the three played in this first match of competition. MeroMen took the lead in the 7th minute with a Lautaro’s goal, but ACM Sasinho did not flinch and he gradually pulled through to complete the quickest hat-trick of the day after just 23 minutes, first with a goal by Ibrahimovic in the 37th, then another by Rafael Leao in the 54th and finally in the 60th with a beautifully braided move by the Italian player. In this fashion AC Milan took all 9 points from their match against FC Inter to secure top spot in the table after the first matchday.


GAME 1: LOTFI  1  -  4  ETTORITO97

The British team arrived after a complete change of squad and the first to play was to be Manchester United's veteran captain Lotfi. In front of him, an esports legend, multiple world champion Ettorito97, who returned to the Catalan team after a year away from the competition. The Frenchman had to fight back when Ettorito97 took the lead in the 19th minute with Pedri and in the 32nd minute he equalized thanks to a good finish from Marcus Rashford. Before the break Ettorito97 again made the difference in the 35th minute and, after the break, the second half was almost entirely in blaugrana colours. Ettorito97 managed to score 3 more goals to make the final score 1-4 and propel him to the top of the scoring charts.


The Red Devils started the second game with the pressure of having to make up the three-point gap opened in the first game. From the first minute Kilzyou came dangerously close to the Barça area and soon his insistence paid off as Martial opened the scoring in the 7th minute. Alex Alguacil managed to hold off the French player's surges until well into the second half when he grabbed a long-awaited equalizer in the 87th minute. The blaugrana celebration was heard loud and clear throughout the venue, a sign of the Spanish player's joy at being able to get at least a point for his team against such a tough opponent as Kilzyou. 


The third and final match between Manchester United and FC Barcelona forced the former to win if they did not want to slip too far from the top of the table. At the controllers, the Blaugrana captain The Palma and last season’s MVP Nekza. Both being prolific goalscorers and knowing that Nekza was last season's top scorer and champion with Monaco, it's hard to believe that the game ended goalless, even though both teams had a good chance of crossing the opponent's goal line. FC Barcelona took 5 points in the second match of the day while Manchester United was disappointed after only bringing two draws.


GAME 1: Mucahit21  2  -  1  Kams10_

After two exciting matches with very mixed results, it was time for the rematch of last year's Grand Final. The Germans wanted to make amends after finishing as runners-up last year and they decided to start with Mucahit21 in the first game. Opposite him, the Frenchman Kams10_ made his debut with the Monegasques after coming from Manchester United. The game began intensely and with a heated atmosphere. The game began intensely and with a heated atmosphere. Kams10_ took the lead in the 10th minute and Mucahit21 equalized just 11 minutes later. At 1-1, the game reached half-time and after a terrible mistake by the French player, the goalkeeper of the Monegasque team gave the winning goal to the Bavarias. Finally 2-1 and Mucahit21 got the first 3 points of the match for FC Bayern.

GAME 2: FCB_Mestre  1  -  1  Usmakabyle

The second game of the match pitted last season's finalists against each other. On that occasion the game was extremely evenly matched until the last minute when Usmakabyle tipped the scales in favour of Monaco to make them champions. FCB_Mestre was seeking revenge and started by scoring in the 10th minute, keeping the score at 1-0 until well into the second half when Usmakabyle equalized in the 64th minute. After that, the tension mounted, with Usmakabyle's teammates cheering the Frenchman on, but the score remained level and the game ended in a fair 1-1 draw.

GAME 3: FCB_Jose  2  -  1  E_C_Oneill

The last match between the Bavarians and the Monegasques, in which the latter were looking for at least their first victory in the championship. However, the match would once again fall on the German side. FCB_Jose took an early lead with a goal in the 6th minute. Twenty minutes later, ex-Red Devils E_C_Oneill equalized but just 5 minutes later the Spanish captain made it 2-1 and held on until the end of the game. Thus FC Bayern took 7 points and AS Monaco ended a disappointing first matchday with only 1 point out of a possible 9.

(+3) ARSENAL FC - AS ROMA (+6)

GAME 1: Ostrybuch 0  -  2  ASR_URMA43

Final match of the day, British against Italians, and 9 points at stake. Ostrybuch, the new Gunners’ addition to its lines, was looking for the first 3 points, but was unable to overcome a solid ASR_URMA43. The Romanian captain only needed two minutes, in the 34th and 36th minute, to set the score that would remain the same for the rest of the match. First 3 points secured for AS Roma to better face the next match.

GAME 2: Roksa22    -  2  ASR_Gagliardo28

Former Barça player Roksa22 made his debut for the Gunners against Italy's ASR_Gagliardo28 in a victory that began with a seventh-minute shot into the net. The Serbian player was in fine form and in the 26th minute he scored his second to give his Italian opponents a little more of a lead. It wasn't enough for Roksa22 who kept on attacking until he scored a spectacular hat-trick in just 39 minutes. With the score at 3-0, the game went into the break and remained that way throughout the second half.  With his hat-trick, the eEuro21 champion brought 3 points to the British and he immediately became one of the players of the day.


Last game of the day with the Gunner captain facing one of the revelation players of last season. ASR_STIFFLER started by scoring in the 40th minute and held the lead until half-time. In the second half the Italian's lead didn't last long as INDOMINATOR equalized in the 47th minute, but ASR_Stiffler re-established the lead in the 65th minute, finally taking the 3 points of the match and 6 points in total for the Giallorossi. 


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