Manchester United are crowned champions of the 2023 season

The Red Devils won the title after beating FC Bayern München in an agonizing penalty shoot-out and Kilzyou was awarded MVP of the KO Stage


The final round of the eFootball™ Championship Pro 2023 came to a close with a series of high level eFootball™ matches after which Manchester United were crowned champions of the 2023 season and FC Bayern München finished as runners-up. 43 goals, 5 extra times and 2 penalty shootouts (one of which will be decisive to determine the champion) spread over 2 Quarterfinals, 2 Semifinals and the Grand Final to close a season full of memorable moments that has accumulated more than 16 million views worldwide on the official eFootball™ YouTube channel.

In the awards section, AC Milan’s FRANKINO and FC Bayern’s FCB_Mestre were given the Goal of the Day award of the past Matchday 7 and KO Stage respectively, both with a prize of €5,000. The latter was awarded to the third goal of the Spaniard during the quarterfinals against ASR_STIFFLER. In terms of the best players of the season, FC Barcelona’s Ettorito97 was named the MVP of the Regular League, with a prize of €15,000, while Manchester United’s Kilzyou was awarded the MVP of the KO Stage, with a prize of €10,000.


The first match of the day pitted the Germans against the Italians in the quarterfinals. The Bavarians finished fourth in the regular season after losing all three games against Manchester United on the final day of the season. AS Roma, meanwhile, finished fifth after a season of ups and downs that ended on a high note with a two-game win over league leaders FC Barcelona. The previous matchday 3 clash between the two teams ended in victory for FC Bayern after ASR_URMA43 drew with FCB_Jose 2-2 and ASR_STIFFLER and ASR_Gagliardo28 lost to Mucahit21 and FCB_Mestre by 2-1 and 1-0 respectively, so anything could really happen with two such tough teams.

GAME 1:  FCB_Mestre  5  -  1  ASR_STIFFLER

FCB_Mestre arrived to this match with a track-record of 3 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses and 8 goals, while ASR_STIFFLER had collected 4 wins and 3 losses with 7 goals so far.

The Spanish player started strongly, scoring the first two goals of the match in the 3rd and 17th minute, both goals with Sadio Mané. ASR_STIFFLER managed to close the gap with a goal in the 22nd minute with T. Abraham, but in the 31st minute FCB_Mestre re-established the two-goal gap between the two with a hat-trick from Mané. Four goals in the first half would leave the second half on track for the Bavarians, especially when the German team's player scored in the 68th minute again with an extraordinary Mané. ASR_STIFFLER was overwhelmed by FC Bayern's powerful attack and had to resign themselves to conceding a fifth goal from Mané, with FCB_Mestre closing the first game of the match in favor of the Germans.

GAME 2:  Mucahit21  2  -  1  ASR_URMA43

Turkey's Mucahit had so far 3 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses with 10 goals scored. His opponent today, the giallorossi captain had the same wins, but had 2 draws and 1 loss, along with 13 goals scored.

The match between the two players was one of the closest matches in the play-offs. Although both teams started with a fairly even possession, Mucahit21 managed to win the majority of the split balls and in the 45+2nd minute after a great cross from Kimmich's right flank, Mané headed in the lead. The Bavarians' lead would not last long as just after the break, ASR_URMA43 would score the equaliser with Belotti after a bad exit from the area by the German goalkeeper. The 1-1 draw lasted until the 90th minute and the match went into the first extra time of the day. It looked as if the match would go to penalties, but just before the final whistle in extra time, Mucahit21 set up a great counter-attack that ended with a great header from M. Tel into the back of the Roman net. In such dramatic fashion, AS Roma were eliminated and FC Bayern made it through the first round and into the semifinals, where FC Barcelona awaited them.

GAME 3:  FCB_Jose     -     ASR_Gagliardo28

Not played because a third match was not necessary to determine the winner.


The second quarterfinal represented a rematch of the last regular league match in which the Gunners suffered a surprising defeat against the Rossoneri. Against all odds, the Italian side swept aside the Londoners to record a clean sweep and claim the final place in the Knockout stage. Captain ACM Naples17x defeated Ostrybuch 0-2, while FRANKINO and ACM Sasinho did the same with INDOMINATOR and Roksa22 1-2 and 1-4, respectively. Both teams returned with the same players, so the memory of that last encounter was present throughout the clash, but AC Milan made it again and Arsenal FC surprisingly suffered the second defeat in just 1 month.

GAME 1: Roksa22   1  -  2   FRANKINO

The eEuro 2021 champion started the quarterfinals for his team against FRANKINO, who had recently been champion and MVP of the Coppa eFootball™ Italia and was also awarded with the Goal of the Day award on Matchday 7 of the eFootball™ Championship Pro. The former came with some scary stats, counting 5 wins and 2 losses with 16 goals (Top 3 in the Scorers Chart), while FRANKINO was only able to play 2 games as he recently joined the team, with a result of 1 win and 1 draw and 3 goals scored.

Despite this numerical difference, the reality was quite the opposite. FRANKINO proved to be in great form after overcoming an always difficult Roksa22, although it was not easy for him. The Serbian took the lead first in the 26th minute with a great shot from Trossard, to which FRANKINO responded with a great goal from Rafael Leao after a shot from the corner of the box. With the score tied at 1-1, the 90 minutes went to extra time, in which FRANKINO finally decided the match in his favor with a great goal from Giroud after an extraordinary team play that demonstrates the talent of the young Rossoneri player. AC Milan thus secured their first win in the tie and were aiming to win the second to secure their place in the semifinals.

GAME 2: INDOMINATOR  2 (4)  -  2 (5)  ACM_Naples17x

Duel of captains in this second game of the second quarterfinal which pitted the top 2 players with more passes made in the competition. The Gunner captain obtained 4 victories and 3 losses during the Regular League, having scored 12 goals so far. Meanwhile, the Rossoneri capitano got 3 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses with 10 goals. 

The match had two halves dominated by a different player each. The first half was red, with two INDOMINATOR goals scored in the 15th and 31st minute, both by Gabriel Jesus. While it looked like INDOMINATOR might hold on in the second half to take the match, the opposite happened. ACM_Naples17x seemed to be revived in the second half and just back from the break scored the first of his account with Giroud in the 47th minute, after which came the equaliser in the 63rd minute with Rebic. Again, for the third time on the day, the match needed extra time to find a winner but it would not be decided during either of the two periods of added time, but with the first penalty shoot-out of the day, in which ACM_Naples17x won 5 penalties to 4 to give the Rossoneri a place in the semifinals.

GAME 3: Ostrybuch    -    ACM_Sasinho

Not played because a third match was not necessary to determine the winner.


After finishing top of the regular league, FC Barcelona won a direct ticket to the semifinals where they were already waiting for FC Bayern, after the Bavarians solidly cleared the quarterfinals against AS Roma. Against the German team, FC Barcelona won two games by the minimum difference and tied the other 0-0. With two such evenly matched forces, the show was on.

GAME 1:  Ettorito97  3 - 0  Mucahit21

The recently proclaimed MVP of the Regular League arrived with an enviable track-record of 6 wins and only 1 defeat for Ettorito97, having scored 18 goals and being placed at that moment as second top scorer. For his part Mucahit21 had struggled against Roman captain ASR_URMA43 to get the win, but arrived with the confidence that he could stand up to a heavyweight like Ettorito97. 

The match started out extremely evenly matched and the 0-0 scoreline held throughout the first half, but like popping champagne, the goal fest began as soon as Ettorito97 scored the first in the 56th minute with Lewandowski, which was quickly followed by Pedri's second in the 62nd minute and the third again with Lewandowski in the 67th. In just 10 minutes Ettorito97 managed to close out the match against a Mucahit21 who could do little against the Italian's unstoppable artillery.

GAME 2:  Alex Alguacil  2  -  3  FCB_Jose

The second game of the semifinals offered a thrilling encounter between two former team-mates who knew each other very well on the pitch. Former FC Bayern player Alex Alguacil was up against his former captain in the German team. Alguacil came in with 4 wins, 2 draws, 1 defeat and 13 goals scored so far, while a tough FCB_Jose didn't play in the Quarterfinals, but treasured 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses (1 for infraction) with 8 goals scored in the Regular League. Two veterans, face to face, in what could be the definitive match for FC Barcelona to go through to the final.

The tension was palpable in the atmosphere from the opening whistle and FCB_Jose knew how to take advantage of it, as in the 6th minute of the match he managed to open the scoring with a goal by Musiala after a great play by Leroy Sané on the right side of the box. That lead established by the German captain was to be maintained until the second half, when a tragic mistake by FCB_Jose with central back Uppamecano in the 53rd minute led to an own goal. That gift must have affected FCB_Jose deeply, as from that moment on Alguacil was more present on the pitch and closer to the opponent's box. In the 58th minute, Alguacil would score with Dembélé, this time on his own merits, the comeback, which would remain unbreakable for quite some time but, unfortunately for the blaugranas, not until the end, as with 3 minutes left to reach the 90th, FCB_Jose sent in an excellent set piece for M. De Ligt to head in the equalizer that would force extra time. 

In extra time, right at the start of the second half, FCB_Jose beautifully set up K. Coman to dribble past 3 players in the German penalty area and set up M. Tel to slot home. After so much back and forth and a memorable game from both players, the victory finally fell on the German side and the semifinals would be decided, for the first time in the tournament, in the third game.

GAME 3:  The Palma   1  -  2   FCB_Mestre

Decisive match for The Palma who had to make amends for the defeat of his teammate Alguacil, but he didn’t have a good record during the regular season so far: 1 win, 3 draws and 3 losses with only 8 goals scored so far. FCB_Mestre, on the other side, came with confidence after beating ASR_STIFFLER 5-1 in the quarterfinals and from early on began to set the tempo of the match at his own pleasure. In the 26th minute of the match, the Spaniard scored the first with a powerful left-footed shot from Leroy Sané. In the second half, The Palma never looked comfortable on the pitch and FCB_Mestre scored the second in the 51st minute through Sadio Mané. It looked like the game might be over, but The Palma managed to pull one back in the 88th minute when Lewandowski scored superbly in the top corner. However, it was not enough and the game ended 1-2 to FCB_Mestre, giving FC Bayern a place in the Grand Final for the second year in a row.


A Manchester United side on the rise in recent league games managed to sneak through as the competition's second semifinalists after solidly beating a slumping FC Bayern München side on the final day of the regular season. The Red Devils finished level on points with league leaders FC Barcelona, but due to a worse goal difference in their head-to-head clash, they had to settle for second place. In the semifinals they awaited AC Milan, against which Manchester United earned two wins and a draw.

GAME 1:  Nekza  0  -  3  FRANKINO

Intense match between two talented youngsters for the first point at stake in the semifinals. Nekza, former MVP of the season with AS Monaco, came with a powerful set of victories, five, followed by only 1 draw and 1 defeat with a total of 11 goals so far, while FRANKINO was making his mark as one of the great revelations of the season.

In fact, the young Italian started the game like a missile, scoring in the 8th minute with Rebic and in the 18th minute with Origi. A surprised Nekza did not know how to regain control of the game, but he managed to stop the Italian from hurting him further. Even so, in the second half, FRANKINO scored the third with Rafael Leao in the 64th minute and FRANKINO, who was beginning to sound like a contender for the MVP of the KO Stage, got the first victory for the Rossoneri.

GAME 2:  Kilzyou  3  -  2  ACM_Naples17x

The pressure in the second match of these semifinals was on the shoulders of veteran Kilzyou. The Frenchman had enjoyed a solid regular season and had won 4 matches, followed by 1 draw and 2 losses. He had also scored 15 goals that had lifted him to fifth place in the scoring charts, But he would not find an easy opponent in the form of ACM_Naples17x, the Milanese captain who came from a comeback in the decisive last quarterfinal game against INDOMINATOR and won in the penalty shoot-out. 

All the goals in this match came in the first half. Kilzyou took the lead in the 20th minute with a goal from Martial after a great through ball. ACM_Naples17x responded by equalizing in the 36th minute with a great goal from Brahim Diaz. However, the equalizer was not to last long as Kilzyou took the lead again with a goal from Bruno Fernandes in a messy play inside the box. Before half-time, the Italian captain would equalize again with a goal from Rafael Leao in the 43rd minute. The 2-2 scoreline would not change until almost the end of the extra time, when Kilzyou would dramatically break the deadlock by scoring with Rashford to give Manchester United the win and force a third leg of the playoffs.

GAME 3:  Lotfi  4  -  2  ACM_Sasinho

First game in this KO Stage for both players to define the club passing through to the semifinals. The French captain had had a mixed regular season, obtaining 2 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses so far with 12 goals, while ACM_Sasinho had a very interesting list of statistics behind him. Although he had only 2 wins and 5 losses, the Italian player had scored 13 goals so far and had become the player with more passes completed (877). 

The game started with ACM_Sasinho in the majority of possession, as is usual for such a combinative player like AC Milan's, who took the lead in the 34th minute with a header from Kjaer from a corner. With the score at 1-0 we went to the break and the second half was to be a goal fest. With only 4 minutes played in the second half, Lotfi equalised through Martial, which was followed by the Red Devils' second in the 58th minute through Rashford. In the 66th minute, Lotfi put the Red Devils third and it looked like it might be the final one, but just a minute later ACM_Sasinho pulled one back through Rebic. However, Lotfi did not lose his nerve as on other occasions and used his experience to score the fourth and final goal with Sabitzer in the 82nd minute to give the Manchester side a place in the Grand Final.


After two frantic semifinals, the Grand Final pitted two of the most veteran clubs in the competition, FC Bayern and Manchester United, who had to compete fiercely for the coveted championship trophy. No matter what the result, both clubs deserve the highest recognition for such a complete and successful season. 

GAME 1:  FCB_Mestre  0  -  2  Nekza

Each of these players came from a different experience in their semifinal match. FCB_Mestre had won a narrow victory against The Palma to send his team through to the Grand Final, while Nekza would surely want to make amends for his previous performance in which he suffered a comprehensive thrashing by FRANKINO. 

The match started with the tension that characterises a match at this stage. The first championship point was at stake and as the first half passed, chances were coming and going in both areas. Neither seemed to be able to break the 0-0 draw, until Nekza got the first goal of the final with a goal from Bruno Fernandes in the 56th minute. FCB_Mestre must not have taken the Frenchman's goal well, as just 4 minutes later Nekza put the second on the scoreboard with Marcus Rashford. The Frenchman would hold on to the 2-0 scoreline until the end and give his team their first win to claim the trophy. Now it was all in Kilzyou's hands.

GAME 2:  FCB_Jose  0 (2)  -  1 (4)  Kilzyou

Two veterans going head to head for the match that could either keep FC Bayern alive or proclaim Manchester United champions. The Spanish captain had the tough task of defeating Kilzyou, who had suffered until extra time against AC Milan captain Naples17x, but having beaten Alex Alguacil in such epic fashion in the semifinals would surely motivate the Spaniard to give his best to force a third game. 

The match could not have been more even and close between the two players. Neither dared to give an inch of ground and the attacks were timid and hesitant. The first half left us with a goalless result that lasted until the end of regulation time. However, one event was decisive in slightly changing the balance. In the 59th minute, Kimmich was sent off for a dubious foul, perhaps too harshly punished. This forced FCB_Jose to play with 10 men for the last half hour of regulation time, forcing him to make changes to his line-up to make up for such a crucial midfield deficit. With a goalless draw we went into extra time, where there were hardly any chances that could have decided the game and the winner of the match would end up being decided in the penalty shootout. After 2 penalties each, FCB_Jose hit the post, then Kilzyou scored and in the fourth penalty the United goalkeeper blocked the shot. In the final penalty Kilzyou did not shake and with a low and safe shot gave the title to Manchester United.

GAME 3:  Mucahit21   -    Lotfi

Not played because a third match was not necessary to determine the winner.

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