Don’t miss the eFootball™ Championship 2023, with the Open tournament starting at the end of January and the exclusive Pro competition in February

eFootball™ Championship Open kicks off on January 30th

The largest official worldwide eSports tournament for eFootball™ is back for another exciting season. From January to April 2023, the Open competition will be available in-game for any user who has created a “Dream Team”. 

Round 1, which will start from January 30th, will not require any special application process and users can automatically join the tournament by taking part in the Challenge Events in-game.


After completing Round 1, participants will continue disputing through Round 2 and Round 3, before eventually earning a berth to the Online Finals which will be held online in early June. To add extra spice to the Online Finals, some eSports players will join the tournament at this stage! These professional players are playing in the eFootball™ Championship Pro 2023, so they are sure to provide some exciting spectacles.


Those who come out on top in the Online Finals will then proceed to the World Finals which, for the first time in 3 years, will be held offline on console and on mobile and it will be streamed worldwide on live in late July.

Mobile users will be able to participate in the Mobile Category, also with a chance to play in the World Finals. Matches from the Online Finals and onwards will be available for watching worldwide, and the Console Category* will be held on PlayStation® exclusively.


For more information on the eFootball™ Championship Open, go to OPEN OVERVIEW

eFootball™ Championship Pro starting on February


With over 12 million total views during the season 2022, the exclusive competition that features professional e-sports players signed with European professional football clubs will come back for the new season in February and, for the first time in 3 years, all the matches will be held offline and streamed worldwide on our official YouTube channel (@play_efootball). 


More information and the schedule of competition will be announced soon.

*"Console Category" is the general term given to describe the "PlayStation® Category", "Steam® Category" and "Xbox Category".

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