eFootball™ Championship Open 2022 World Finals Winners!

The World Finals was streamed worldwide today on the official eFootball™ YouTube and Facebook channels, crowning the World Champions on PlayStation®, XBOX, Steam® and Mobile.

The last round of the eFootball™ Championship Open 2022, the World Finals, was held today, Sunday 14th August, in an event hosted by Harry Channon and caster Stewart Westley “Wezza”. The World Finals featured 24 participants worldwide, 6 per platform, who were first divided in two groups of 3 players each. The player with more points in each group advanced to the grand finale of each platform. 

The eFootball™ Championship Open 2022 winners were the following: 

On PlayStation®: Futefacil10 (from Brazil)

On XBOX: xNaples17x (from Italy)

On Steam®: Verdy_Takaki_ (from Japan)

On Mobile: ig_asgard_azizi (from Indonesia)

If you missed the live stream of the World Finals, you can now watch it in the video below:


Group Stage

In the first match of Group A, Christopher_M_M faced Leva with the latter winning 1-2. Christopher_M_M then drew with Futefacil10 2-2, leaving the Portuguese player with no chance of qualifying. The third match defined the first finalist after Brazil's Futefacil10 beat Japan's Leva 4-2. 

In Group B, Jordan's SaifAlhacker55 qualified for the final after winning the first match against the Italian FRANKINO_ by 1-3 and the Brazilian Gabriel Franja by 1-0. The match between FRANKINO_ and Gabriel Franja ended in a 0-5 win for the Italian, which placed him second in the group. 

Final: Futefacil10  1 (2)  -  1 (1) SaifAlhacker55

Futefacil10 controlled FC Barcelona and SaifAlhacker55 did the same with FC Bayern München. The first final of the day started with threatening moves from both players. It wasn't until the 40th minute that the scoring opened when SaifAlhacker55 took the lead with a great strike from Gnabry into the side netting. At 0-1 the game went to the break and in the second half possession continued to be controlled by the Jordanian side, but little by little Futefacil10 were gaining ground and getting closer to goal. When it looked like the game would die at 1-0, Futefacil10 found a hole in the defence with a great one-two to then set up Aubameyang to score the equaliser in the 92nd minute, sending the final into extra time. 

In the extra time neither player was able to score a goal so the match went to penalties where both players missed several kicks. Finally, after the first 5 penalties for each player, Futefacil10 was crowned champion by scoring 2 penalties against 1 of his rival.


Group Stage

Group A was quickly decided with xNaples17x winning 3-2 against Farhat_MIX and 1-3 against HALA_MADRID_FC. The third match, with no further qualification options, was played between Farhat_MIX and HALA_MADRID_FC, ending in a 2-1 win for Farhat_MIX. 

Meanwhile, Group B was tied going into the final match after both NajmiAlula and Ivanmelian defeated Spain's Veldruuk, the former 2-3 and the latter 3-0. The eventual qualifier was Ivanmelian after the Argentinian defeated Indonesia's NajmiAlula 1-2. 

Final: xNaples17x  3 - 2  Ivanmelian

Both players featured in the final for FC Bayern München and the match started with an early penalty goal for Ivanmelian, who scored Panenka style, after just 5 minutes. xNaples17x responded quickly in the 7th minute with an equaliser from Gnabry to level the match. At half-time it was 1-1 and in the second half it was xNaples17x who took the lead this time, with a goal from Thomas Müller in the 53rd minute. With only 2 minutes left to play, Ivanmelian equalised after a series of deflections and a steal inside the box. It was the 88th minute and with the score at 2-2, the 90 in-game minutes came to an end and the match went into extra time. 

During the extra time the match remained closely contested until Muslala, controlled by xNaples17x, scored what was to be the final 2-3 in the 112th minute. Thus the Italian was crowned world champion on the XBOX platform.


Group Stage

Group A crowned Peruvian NER- as finalist after he beat Italian DARIUS_87 4-2, who had previously drawn with Xo-shishi-oX in the first match. The third match decided the top player of the group, which went to NER- after a 0-0 draw against Xo-shishi-oX. 

Group B had an undisputed winner. Japan's Verdy_Takaki topped the group after defeating K10_JUPA 0-3 and then Argentina's EV_SEBACAB96 4-2. The match between EV_SEBACAB96 and K10_JUPA ended 0-1 in favour of the Dutchman to finish second in the group. 

Final:  NER-  0 - 4  Verdy_Takaki_

The third final of the day ended in a heavy result for Japan's Verdy_Takaki, who played for AS Monaco, while NER- played for FC Bayern München. The Japanese took the lead in the 20th minute with Boadu and continued to attack without pause. The second goal came in the 42nd minute, when Boadu doubled the lead with a great header at the near post. With the score at 0-2 it was half-time and everything seemed to be in the Japanese side's favour for the second half. In the 66th minute came the hat-trick for Verdy_Takaki thanks to a great goal with Ben Yedder and the Japanese scored the fourth goal in the 88th minute after a terrible mistake of the goalkeeper with a false exit. With 0-4 the match was over and Verdy_Takaki_ won the eFootballTM Championship Open 2022 title on the Steam platform. 


Group Stage

In Group A of the Mobile platform, only one match could be played due to the fact that Portugal's CNFC-HuFeng did not show up for the World Finals, so their respective matches were decided 0-3 against each other following the tournament rules. Thus, the top of the group was decided in the third match between ig_asgard_azizi and Khanhs, with the former finally advancing to the final thanks to a 1-0 win. 

Group B, on the other hand, was very evenly matched. In the first game, sistem123 and MUJJICOOLYT played to a goalless draw. SERGIGAME managed to beat sistem123 by 2-1 and thanks to this victory the Brazilian finished first of the group, as it gave him enough points so that together with his draw with MUJJICOOLYT by 2 - 2 he could reach the final. 

Final: ig_asgard_azizi  4  -  2  SERGIGAME 

The last final of the day, the Mobile platform final, left us with a crazy match that started with an early goal. Indonesian ig_asgard_azizi, playing for FC Bayern München, scored the first goal of the match after 6 minutes. The 1-1 draw by Brazilian SERGIGAME, who controlled Manchester United, came in the 34th minute with a goal by J. Sancho and with the draw we went to the break. In the second half, the equality between both players was maximum until the 73rd minute when SERGIGAME turned the initial score around and established the 1-2 after a great header from Marcus Rashford. It looked like this would be the final score, but in the last minute of injury time, ig_asgard_azizi took advantage of a poor clearance from the opposition defence to score a 2-2 draw and force extra time. 

In extra time, the Indonesian side took an early lead in the 94th minute with a great header from Goretzka. The lead gave the Bavarian team a boost and they would finally score the 4-2 in the 116th minute to make ig_asgard_azizi the champion of the eFootballTM Championship Open 2022 on the Mobile platform. 

Per every platform, first place was awarded $13,000, second place with $3,000, and $1,000 for the 3rd to the 6th player.

That’s how the eFootball™ Championship 2022 season ended after holding the eFootballTM Championship Pro tournament in June and just having finished the eFootball™ Championship Open competition. Fans are probably already looking forward to the 2023 season, but we'll have to wait a little while for that. There will be more news soon! 

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