AS Roma tops Groups B with a great perfomance

The Romans secured direct qualification to Semifinals after a last minute win by ASR_URMA43 against THE PALMA. FC Barcelona was second and Galatasaray SK, third. Arsenal FC, eliminated.

The second matchday of competition for Group B was played today in an event that was streamed worldwide in the official eFootball™ YouTube and Facebook channels with Semra Hunter as host, Harry Channon as commentator and Stuart Westley ”Wezza” as pundit. 

The matchday showed the consistency of the Italian team, who dominated a disappointing Arsenal FC and overcame the Blaugrana team in the league table. Led by ASR_URMA43, who was voted Best Player of the Group B, AS Roma are through to the Semifinals. FC Barcelona and Galatasaray SK, who played only one match, took 4 and 7 points respectively, taking second and third place. Next Saturday, 25 June, they will face the second and third teams from Group A in the Quarter-Finals, which will be known after tomorrow's clashes. 

Prior to the announcement of today's fixtures, the Best Goal of Matchday 1 for Group B was announced and awarded to ROKSA for his fabulous lob against Arsenal's INDOMINATOR. According to the selection committee, the reasons were as follows: "As a general situation, you would choose a dribble or a pass to the central player, however ROKSA choses a loop shot without overlooking the scene where the opponent GK jumped out for a moment."



The game that would open the day faced Gaglairdo28 against Barboza. Both teams with two games in hand needed to secure victories to have a chance of qualifying for the KO phase, but neither of them had won yet. Both were coming from defeats in their respective previous matches, the Italian only 1-2 against Galatasaray's captain Mucahit21, the Portuguese player by a wide score of 7-1 against The Palma. Gagliardo28 started by putting high pressure on his opponent in the first minutes getting the first goal in the 12th minute with a great deep pass and a good definition of the Roman striker, Abraham. With the score 1-0 we reached halftime in a match that remained very tied with options for both players. In the first minutes of the second half, Gagliardo28 took care of eliminating Barboza's hopes of an equalizer by scoring the second goal for the Romans in the 48th minute after a good series of passes that left the striker alone to finish in front of the goal. Gagliardo28 was gradually looking more comfortable controlling the game, but in the 74th minute Barboza broke into the box and got the first goal of the game for the Gunners with some help from the Roman goalkeeper. It was then that Barboza gained confidence and after a bad clearance by Gagliardo28 to the edge of his own box, the Portuguese took the chance to make the final equalizer with 3 minutes to go in the 90th minute. Barboza celebrated angrily and thus earned a draw that seemed deserved given the tremendous equality in the game between the two players. 


Second match between the Romans and the English and the first of the three that we would see during the day between captains, in this case ASR_URMA43 against INDOMINATOR. Both had won by the same score 1-4 in their respective previous matches, ASR_URMA43 against Kepa_PFC and INDOMINATOR against ROKSA, both opponents being reigning champions of eEuro21. The two opposing players were looking for the first victory of the day for their teams and to turn the balance after a first game that ended in a draw. INDOMINATOR knew the importance of keeping the ball away from ASR_URMA43 and monopolized possession for most of the first half. As the minutes progressed Arsenal were increasingly approaching the Roman goal, but the Londoners were unlucky in front of the net, as in the 31st minute and 43rd minute two of their shots hit the post. With INDOMINATOR's goalless dominance we reached half-time 0-0 and the second half started similar to the first. More chances for Arsenal and ASR_URMA43 did not feel comfortable on the field. In the 70th minute, the Arsenal player, Tomiyasu, was shown a straight red card for a hard tackle and INDOMINATOR was forced to change its formation and the strategy followed so far. The last 20 minutes were going to be tough for Arsenal's esports player who opted to try to keep as much of the ball as possible and so it was seen in the final possession, with a wide gap to his romanian rival, which surely left him disappointed when the match finally died goalless. Second game, second consecutive draw. The equality between the two teams could not be greater. 



Final match between AS Roma and Arsenal FC with only 2 points obtained by each team out of a possible 6. With this previous record, this year's debutant ASR_STIFFLER faced the experienced S-Venom, who last year played for the Italians. ASR_STIFFLER had won last Sunday's match in the last minute, while S-Venom was winless after a 0-0 draw with the young blaugrana ALEXR. The AS Roma player, always so active, started pressing his opponent and was rewarded in the 43rd minute with a great goal by Abraham. Just before the break, S-Venom put the equalizer on the scoreboard with a tremendous header at the near post. 1-1 at the break  and just after the start of the second half, Odegard's shot hit the post. The AS Roma player, always so active, started pressing his opponent and was rewarded in the 43rd minute with a great goal by Abraham. Just before the break, S-Venom put the equalizer on the scoreboard with a tremendous header at the nearside. It was 1-1 at the break and just after the second half, Odegard's shot hit the post. The Gunner player was increasing his presence in the Roman goal as the minutes ticked by, but, for the second time in the match, ASR_STIFFLER surprised by scoring in the 80th minute to take the lead with 10 minutes to go. S-Venom then besieged the Roman defense to try to hunt at least 1 point, but the final whistle of the referee marked the final 2-1 in favor of the Italians and ASR_STIFFLER got 3 points that were real gold for AS Roma. 



Second match of the day and Arsenal FC had just 2 points out of a possible 9. The Gunners needed the next 9 points to survive, but the same thing was happening on the other side, with a Galatasaray that had only obtained 6 points out of a possible 18 in the first matchday thanks to the Turkish captain Mucahit21 who was playing in this first game against the Gunner captain, INDOMINATOR. The fight between captains to save their team started with Mucahit21 well settled on the field but giving certain opportunities to his Gunner opponent. In the first quarter, Arsenal FC hit the post for the 4th time on the day and INDOMINATOR lamented their misfortune throughout the day. In the 28th minute of the match, eFootball fans could witness a play that could become the goal of the day. Mucahit21 stopped his player Cicâldau in front of the British front line and stood still, then left the defender seated with a nice feint and fired a powerful shot into the back of the net. A great goal by the Turkish captain that kept the score at 0-1 until half-time. In the second half INDOMINATOR took control of the game and was very active attacking the opponent's goal, but the minutes kept passing without finding a goal. The Gunners' attacks would pay off in the 87th and 90th minutes, achieving a quick comeback to the joy of the red and white fans. But just when everyone thought the match would end like that, Mucahit21 pulled off another spectacular move to score the definitive 2-2 in the 90+2 minute, leaving the match in a draw and dividing the points in an unbeatable clash of captains.  


After three draws in four games for Arsenal FC, the Gunners went into their second game against Galatasaray SK with Barboza as their representative. The Portuguese, who had not started the season well, was up against the reigning eEuro21 champion Kepa_PFC, who had also started the competition below his potential level. Barboza came out looking for the goal right away and in the 29th minute he finally took the lead in a match this season. The joy did not last long when in the 34th minute Kepa_PFC established the equalizer with which the match would go to the break. In the second half, Kepa_PFC came out with confidence and in the 52nd minute Kepa_PFC established the Turkish lead.  Just 10 minutes later, the Serbian player would score the third with an unstoppable shot from long distance. Barboza tried to recover by launching his team into attack in a more direct way and in the 78th minute he sent a good pass between the lines to leave striker Pépé in front of the goal to score with pleasure. There were only 15 minutes left, but Barboza could not do much more to prevent the final 2-3 with which Kepa_PFC finally gave a victory to the Turkish fans and gave his team 3 much-needed points to move on to the next round. Arsenal FC was relegated momentarily to the last place and their participation in the final phase was seriously endangered. 


Although Arsenal FC were a foot and a half out of the tournament, they needed the three points to stay alive in the competition, while Galatasaray SK wanted to secure their place in the KO Stage. Once again another debutant in the competition as Djole faced the expert S-Venom, who had just lost to debutant ASR_STIFFLER. The match did not start well for the Gunners, as Djole took the lead in the 8th minute and S-Venom had to roll against the tide. The match got even more complicated for the Londoners after Djole made it 2-0 in the 42nd minute. Arsenal FC had to score 3 goals in 45 minutes and that looked a difficult task for S-Venom against a comfortable and settled Djole. In the second half, Djole soon delighted the Turkish fans by scoring a hat-trick in the 57th minute to take Galatasaray SK firmly through to the next round. In the closing stages of the match, S-Venom tried several times and was even awarded a penalty that was taken by the Gunner goalkeeper and saved by the Turkish keeper. Even then Arsenal FC had no luck, but in the end the 0-3 scoreline was a fair reflection of the difference between the two players. Thus Arsenal FC was eliminated from the tournament and Galatasaray SK made it to the knockout stage thanks to the great performance of their rookie Djole. 



The last match of the day already knew the eliminated club, Arsenal FC, so both AS Roma and FC Barcelona were already qualified at the start of this match. But what was at stake here was not the qualification, but the first place in the group that leads directly to the semifinals of the tournament, so the match was expected to be more exciting and disputed than ever. Neither of the two players knew victory after Gagliardo28 lost on the first day and drew with Barboza in the first game of the day, while ALEXR was tied 0-0 with S-Venom and could not beat Mucahit21 last Sunday. 

The Italian player started the first half by taking the lead after a rebound from a corner. It was only the 28th minute and he put the young ALEXR, who was surely eager to show his potential, on the ropes. So they reached halftime with 1-0 in favor of the Romans and ALEXR raised a series of tactical changes in his squad that soon gave him his first goal in the 50th minute, establishing the equalizer. Step by step the young ALEXR was gaining ground on the Romans and the Blaugrana team took the lead in the 62nd minute with a great goal from Aubameyang. The tension was mounting given the importance of the points at stake and the AS Roma player was able to deal with it well by setting up the second equalizer of the game in the 67th minute with a great header at the near post from a corner. But the Italian joy was not to be long in coming as ALEXR once again showed his great individual skills to make it 3-2 with a beautiful move of Traoré in the 69th minute. Once again Gagliardo28 showed his consistency and discipline to make it 3-3 in the last minute. Another draw in the first meeting between these two great teams and a fair distribution of points given the tremendous equality between both players who ended the group stage without being able to celebrate a victory.  


Penultimate match of the day for two teams fighting for first place in the group after a first draw between them. For the third time in the day the match faced two captains: ASR_URMA43 and the top scorer until then, THE PALMA. The match started frantic for both sides, playing at a fast pace. Before the first 30 minutes were up, ASR_URMA43 took a two-goal lead after scoring in 21' and 27'. THE PALMA reacted quickly with a great goal after a one-two in the 29th minute, but the Romanian player would soon increase the difference again in the 38th minute. The game went to the break 3-1 and right after the second half, the Spaniard scored the second for the blaugrana team in the 51st minute, putting AS Roma under pressure again. THE PALMA now with more confidence began to take control of the game and in a beautiful tiki-taka style play, THE PALMA signed the hat-trick of the match in the 60th minute, putting the match at a draw. The last half hour was very evenly matched with chances for both players until the Roman captain sealed the game in the last minute to get the 3 points needed to make AS Roma the definitive Group B leaders. THE PALMA suffered their first defeat of the championship, but at least they were able to extend their lead over their rivals ASR_URMA43 in the scoring charts with 12 goals to the Romanian's 8. 


Last game of the match and last game of the day between ASR_STIFFLER and ROKSA with both teams already qualified and AS Roma as group winners. The match began evenly matched and the scales could not be tipped in favor of one team or the other for practically the whole of the first half. On the stroke of half-time, ROKSA got on the end of a good through ball to take the lead in the 45+2nd minute. ASR_STIFFLER tried to react once the second half started but the Blaugrana defense held firm and although they had some clear chances they finally had to watch how the Serbian made a 2-0 lead in the 71st minute. ASR_STIFFLER also showed great resilience and perseverance in the following minutes and managed to pull one back in the 88th minute, but it was too late for an equalizer. In the end, the final score of the day was a 1-2 victory for the Serbian giant that gave FC Barcelona three points to secure second place in Group B. 

The final day of Group B saw one group winner, AS Roma, two qualifiers for the Quarter-Finals and one eliminated, Arsenal FC. At the end of the day, the Best Player of the Group Stage award was also given to ASR_URMA43 for leading his team throughout the Group Stage with great performances in their respective matches and for getting that important victory against THE PALMA that would give his team the first place and the direct pass to the Semifinals. 

Tomorrow it will be the turn of Group A and the matchday will be streamed live on the official eFootball™ YouTube and Facebook channels at 13:00 CET. 

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