These are the best 10 photos from Matchday 4

The matches played on February 8th left two penalties, an own goal and many other interesting moments

©KDE / FC Schalke 04 players talk during their match against FC Barcelona.

©KDE / FC Barcelona players celebrate The_Palma's goal that gave them the victory in the second game of Matchday 4.

©KDE / FC Nantes' Roksa covers his face while Aazbabysk shots the penalty kick that gave them the victory in the first game of their match against Arsenal FC.

©KDE / Arsenal FC's captain Christopher hides behind the controller after a miss on Matchday 4.

©KDE / Manchester United FC players celebrate a goal during their match against Juventus.

©KDE / Juventus players (ETTORITO97 on foreground) regret a miss during their match against Manchester United FC. The Italian team won both games.

©KDE / Boavista FC player YIOU (left) shots a penalty kick during the match against FC Bayern München. He scored but they lost that first game after an own goal. Then, they won the second game.

©KDE / FC Bayern München players (from left to right: Alex Alguacil, MESTRE and JOSE) and their coach (Lutti-1) discuss about tactics during Matchday 4.

©KDE / Celtic FC players regret a miss during their match against AS Monaco. They drawn both games on Matchday 4.

©KDE / AS Monaco players talk before their match against Celtic FC (from left to right: ASM Kilzyou, ASM Lotfi and ASM Usmakabyle).

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